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Sunday, January 25, 2009

From the NBC Days of Our Lives Fan Board: People that don't want to watch Days anymore

Like all industries, television networks and producers sell a product; in their case, it is entertainment. If the company doesn't provide a quality product that meets the consumers interests, standards or expectation, then it simply will not survive. The viewers are consumers and the product. The networks and TV stations used entertainment, news and sports to attract viewer; after which, they sell that attention to sponsors. Simple, yet some in the industry have forgotten that no matter how much they push a show or idea, if the viewers aren't buying there is nothing they can do about it. NBC, Sony and Corday Productions have taken for granted the loyal viewership of the Days of Our Lives. The viewers are just leaving. The executive are driving them away.

The following quotes are from the NBC fan board.



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I also feel that letting Drake and Diedre go was a HUGE mistake by TPTB but I will still watch the show to support the veterans that are still on the show.

What so many of you "I'm not gonna watch Days ever again"-ers aren't thinking about is that if you don't watch Days, you will be putting all the other vets out of a job as well by letting the show get cancelled! I personally will not support that.

I really hope that with Drake and Diedre gone it will make more room for Steve and Kayla to have a major storyline of their own.


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From: Ready to leave DOOL with Drake and Deidre
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I completly understand,but I am showing my devotion and loyalty to Drake and Dee and I refuse to continue watching a show that treats fans and actors like a pile of sh**.


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Steve and Kayla have had more than one big storyline since they returned. Sorry, but I will never support this show again. I don't care if it stays on the air or is cancelled.


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My all-time favorite actor had his role terminated after 23 CONSECUTIVE years on DAYS even though he NEVER said once that he wanted to leave the show. Drake wanted to stay with the show until it went off the air but it didn't matter to TPTB. I'll never support the show again that did this to him so as of today, I'm done with DAYS. I'm sorry to the vets left behind because IMO they're in for rough times ahead.


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I think Drake and Deidre will be back, mark my words.


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I will be just like the last time when they "killed off" John. I think they like when they get viewers in a big uproar. I'll still be watching.


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There will be nothing to come back to. Even if Days does last more than a couple of month, both Dee and Drake have enough fans that any show who picked them up would get a big boost in the ratings. Rumor has it GH is courting Dee. It's also rumored that Drake wants to go into producing. Once they move on, they aren't coming back, especially they way were treated.

If you believe Corday when he said they would be back, I got a bridge for you. It doesn't go any where, so I'll give you a good deal on the purchase price.

As for thinking of the other vets, they aren't being treated any better than Dee or Drake. It's just a matter of time before their air time goes down to zero and they are off the show in the same way. It a simple race to what happens first. The cancellation or the next vet firing


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I love so many vets on the show, but even with my love of John and Marlena the stories have been hard to watch this year. I don't have the heart or energy to stick around and see what they can do to Hope, Steve, Tony, Anna, Bo, etc.


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The problem is why should anyone watch if the show no longer entertains them? I can't find a single storyline happening right now that actually entertains me. It has less to do with the characters then he writing. How about TPTB try and gain fans by 1) writing an entertaining show that actually makes sense and gives the fans a reason to want to watch? 2) How about writing for the characters we have known and loved for years and staying true to those characters rich histories? This show could be so much more then it is. They have talented actors but the writing they are given well it stinks to high heaven and no one should have to watch that unless they enjoy torturing themselves. It isn't the fans responsibility to keep this show on the air it is Corday and Higley's responsibility and one doesn't seem to give a damn and they other can't write worth a damn.


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That is true that they should rely on history and a lot of Fan fic writers could do a better job but I will continue watching my favorite Charactors and hope that someday the writing might improve. You can't force people to watch or not watch a show. If people are not entertained by the show than they should not watch it.

I hope that Steve and Kayla get a good story now that John and Marlana are gone.


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Well, I am not a fan of Steve and Kayla, and I don't believe in watching a show I am no longer invested in nor care about. It's suppose to be entertainment, which is a selfish act. I don't watch shows that I don't like. I don't owe Days of Our Lives anything, nor the remaining vets.


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My thoughts are that although I understand this loyalty some have to just two characters in a huge ensemble cast, that we need to remember that there would be no "Dee and Drake" if it weren't for Days in the first place.

Days was around a long time before the characters of Marlena and then John were introduced. There is more to Days than just John and Marlena.

When I finally stop watching this show(which is fast approaching I fear), that I've watched for the past quarter of a century I might add, it won't be because two actors got fired because of a very volatile financial climate. It will be because the story lines suck, the writing sucks, etc. Which unfortunately to me, is what has happened.

Watching Days for me the past few months, years almost, has become a chore, a sense of obligation. There is no longer the anticipation that used to come with watching this show. There is no one left to root for, no one to identify with, no character that is interesting enough to make me want to tune in to find out what happens to them. That is the fault of the writers, producers and casting directors.

Where are the epic story lines? Why do people fall in love at the drop of a hat now, instead of letting the story build slowly, so the viewers can be screaming in their living room... just kiss already! Where is the good vs evil story lines? Days is now a blur of characters that walk around with no meaning, no agenda, no story line. Some prop other characters, some just bed hop, some are fading in to the woodwork. Too many s/l's have started and yet have never gone anywhere.... we get a middle that had no beginning, and never sees an end.

Days, like Mia says, has hardly any entertainment value left to it. It's been gone a long time now, well before Dee and Drake were let go, well before Days turned in to an afterschool special.

There's just nothing special left to this soap anymore. It's all been sucked out by the poor s/l's and crappy writing.

Sorry, had to vent there. I'm done heh.


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Mesagirl, I used to enjoy the whole show... over the years that changed until all I cared about anymore was J&M. Of course there is more to Days than J&M, but not for me. I think for many, letting go of D&D is just the last straw.


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I no longer trust TPTB at DOOL. After what Corday & Co. did to Drake TWICE and now to Dee who is to say who is next? He/they can profess the end of releases all they want but I don't believe it. Why should I invest any more of my time and emotions in a show that could do this again and again to other characters I love with no warning or apologies and once again see them treated like unneeded extras. No, I don't think I want to take a chance again. My love of Days started on day one, but probably won't last to the end, not when TPTB have so little respect for actors that have devoted half their lives to the show and so little respect for the audience that has supported it. And it is not just about two actors leaving, it is about HOW two actors were summarily dismissed.


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Yeah I totally get that. I guess for me, J&M were never the end all be all for me on Days. The only couple that truly resonated for me that strongly were Jack and Jennifer, and they left, and I still watched the show. I'm not saying that no longer watching cuz J&M are gone is wrong for some people to do, I'm just saying that their leaving shouldn't break the show, characters come and go on soaps.

Days suffers from things far worse than just losing two main characters, that affect the entire cast as well as most of the remaining viewers.... crappy s/l's and **** poor writing. Not even the amazing acting talents of some of the cast can save the show. The writing is just that bad.

In some ways, Dee and Drake could be viewed as lucky... getting out before their characters were totally destroyed by this cold mess called Days of Our Lives.

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