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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Days of Our Lives--No longer just a One Soap Opera Blog

Some of you will notice that I changed the title to my blog. There is a reason. Although I love Days of Our Lives very much, after January 23 I will no longer be watching it. It was a very difficult to decision to make. I have been watching since nearly the beginning. I have grown up with many of the characters. Alice and Tom Horton were as near and dear to me as my own grandparents. The romance, suspense and humor was a constant in my life; unfortunately, that show has been missing for a long time. For nearly two years, Days hasn't been the show that I loved. The writing has rapidly degraded into to being nothing more than soft porn. Favorite characters have been dismissed, rewritten to be shadows of their former selves, and ignored. There hasn't been an actually storyline for over a year. The firing of Dee and Drake for me was the finally straw. The ratings prove that I am not the only one who misses the good old Days.

In April, I started writing alternative storylines in protest to the bad writing. It started as a way to embarrass the writers to doing their job. However, it became so popular that I not only kept it going, but applied for the head writer gig. In hind sight, I'm not surprised that I didn't get taken seriously. At best the application was amateurish; at worse, just plain wrong. If there was another mistake I could have done, I certainly can't think of it. Anyway, the past is the past. I would still like the head writer gig, but at this rate it would be a temp job. Instead, I'm going to edit the script for format and style, bringing it into industry standards. After which, I'm going to apply to the other soaps for a paying gig on the staff. With Days, I know the history and the characters; but I'm a quick study. With a little help from the actors, I can catch up.

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