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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fax Campaign to Save Days of Our Lives

As I previously posted there is a campaign to protest the firing of Dee and Drake. Started by Drake_Cake on the sony board, the idea is to fax protests 1/23/09 stating that "I just watched Days for the last time. If we could get everyone to participate then he could physically see how many people are going to be tuning out because of his decision. If you could share this with your J&M and friends I would appreciate it. I would love to hit Corday hard one more time. You can fax for free at "

One thing else to remember, no matter how angry or disappointed you are--be respectful and accurate. If you come across as out of control or illiterate, you will be discounted or ignored. However, if you concise with you wording, you will be taken seriously or at least more so than if you call Corday every nasty adult word you know--he may deserve it and it might feel good but it won't get you want you want. Tell them why you liked the both the couple and show. If you have watched for a long time, add that in. End by asking for the changes that you want. Remember to also include your full name and contact information--at least a phone number. It'll show the diversity of the complaints and prove that there isn't just a few with over active fax machines.

Corday Productions Fax number
Production phone number: 818-295-2820

Sony Pictures owns the rights to Days
Michael Lynton
Chairman & CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Amy Pascal
Co-Chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sony Pictures Entertainment
12102 West Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232-3195
Phone: (310) 244-4000
Fax: (310) 244-2626
another phone line: 310-244-5722

100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608
The GE Building at Rockefeller Plaza is NBC's corporate headquarters\
Phone: 212-664-4444. Fax: 212-664-4085

GE information
Jeffrey Immelt, CEO
General Electric Company
3135 Easton Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06828
(203) 373-2211
I couldn't find a fax number, but I have yet to look very hard. If someone has it please post it.

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