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Friday, January 30, 2009

Thaao Penghlis Fired: Who will be next?

According to Nelson Branco of the TV Guide Suds Report, the ax has come down on another Days of Our Lives vet. Thaao Penghlis, who was know for playing the dual role of Tony and Andre, is the latest vet to be released from contract. He is to die in March as part of a major murder mystery.

The executives and Higley have obviously decided to accelerate their plan to have Days cancelled; hopeful after which their careers in TV will be totally over. Only a moron would hire any of them after the hack job they did on Days.

With the firing of Dee and Drake, they not only brought the wrath of the super couple down on them, but the contempt of soap fans and industry insiders a like. Not only was the firing foolish, but their exit was an insult to the actors and their fans. Hastily put together and without one creative thought, the storyline was disgraceful. Yet then again, what do you expect from a writer who is incapable of writing for intelligent, powerful women--only those who use sex to get what they want.

With the incomplete and nonsensical storylines along with the total disregard for the show and characters' history alike, Days has become a nothing more than soft porn for teens and tweens. The veteran actors who have the loyal fan bases and actually have talent have been tossed aside for younger actors who lack talent enough to get parts in anything other than grammar school productions, where the whole class is forced to participate.

With the sweeps being pushed back to March, due to the digital conversion, Corday and Higley are once again making promises they never intend on keeping. The big romance reunion of Marlena and John was actually a fifteen minute slam-bam-thank-you-mamam as they got the bums rush out the door.

As for Higley's ability to write a major murder mystery--she can't write herself out of a wet paper bag. One industry insider was quotes as says she shouldn't be allowed to write a grocery list, while actors, which she previously worked with have been quoted as calling her a hack.

As another beloved vet is cast off, so will another loyal fan base turn against the show. Who will be next? Soon the only actors remaining will be the teens, who think have sex with older men gives them power. Makes you wonder....

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