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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Days of Our Lives: What the NBC Board Fans think.

The NBC Days of Our Lives fan board contains a cross section of the fan base. I thought it would be interesting to share what is being said about Days with others who care about the show. Below are a couple of threads that were started by different people. They copied and pasted in full without edits.

The end of DAYS for me-started by Purpur

I have been a faithful viewer of DOOL since November 16, 1966. There were lapses of five-month intervals twice a year for several years while I was in school. However, when I could watch the show, I did. Every so often, I would get discouraged about the show when the writing was particularly inane and the viewers' intelligence insulted more than usual. Still, I made excuses for the writers and producers and kept watching.

Now, with the new developments, it has come time to part ways. I am disappointed and disgusted that "old-time warriors" are to be pushed aside for young "twinkies" and a more "hip" story. The money they could have saved by better writing and decision making, by not hiring superfluous actors and not writing inconsequential storylines, would surely have paid the salaries of the veteran actors. For decades, the veterans like Alice and Tom, Julie and Doug have kept the story together and it was still interesting and engaging to watch DOOL. All that is now water under the bridge.
I feel for the newly hired young actors as well as for veterans like Alison Sweeney, et al. The new young actors surely were delighted to finally have landed a role to support themselves. The veterans are probably constantly worried over job security. I truly have compassion for them. It is not fair to them. But then, it is not fair to the viewer either. I know actors come and go and sometimes it is necessary to let someone go, but this usually has much less to do with the actors themselves than it does with the writing.

I realize that conflict is what keeps a story going. I wouldn't presume to be so conceited as to proclaim that I could write a better story line. But then, I don't get paid for this kind of work either. If one gets paid for a certain job, then it is his/her responsibility to deliver. That goes for producers of a show as well. They make millions on programs, but delivery of DOOL has not been up to par for some time now.

So, here is my proclamation: As of today, DOOL has lost one viewer. This probably means diddley-squat to those in charge, but it gives me the satisfaction that I have exercised my right to not support a show that is written in an inferior manner and that treats its actors like easily and arbitrarily replaceable commodities. From the NBC Boards I understand that many fans, whether they be Sami and EJ fans (as I was) or EJ and Nicole fans or Sami and Rafe die-hards, seem to be in an unhappy frame of mind regarding DOOL. Perhaps the producers and writers should pay heed.
Thank you for having given me the opportunity to speak my mind.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Devil Doll
Sorry to hear your leaving purpur but I can understand it because I know had EJ been paired back up with Sami I would be doing the same I guess my staying cancels out your leaving or the other way around if writers suddenly change the storyline. I guess I don't share your thoughts on the writing right now since I think in the last few months its improved a great deal and is back to holding peoples attention at least. I know getting past the vets not being on as much as you were used to is also disappointing, but I think every generation has had to go thru that as the characters that were once so popular and loved are pushed to the back burner to make room for younger less experienced actors...but I don't hold DOOL personally responsible for that because its just the way its always gone, not just on this show but others as well. I hope you'll reconsider and think about staying because this show needs all the support it can get now and who knows maybe someday you might wanna tune back in after taking a break from it and it would be a shame if it was no longer there when you did.

Daisy 132
Sorry to hear that, Purpur, but I do understand. I'm hardly watching anymore either, and many of us have left already. I don't care about supporting the show. It's a disaster, as far as I'm concerned. None of the stories are interesting to me, some of them absurd. Anyways, put the extra hour in the day to good use.

I think it is interesting that so many different fan bases are jumping ship. For once it isn't about "if my favourite couple isn't together I'm not watching". It is about the overall quality of the show. We could all handle our favourite couple leaving if the show had anything else to fall back on. It doesn't.

I am sorry to her that you are leaving. I only watch a few times everyweek myseff I will forget to watch my tapes and watch some of the stuff I have never seen on youtube.

I understand and agree with you the writing seems to have gotten arbitrary and terrible but I gotta stay for my man James Scott! and my girls Allison and Molly.
i hope it gets better -cuz ill keep complaining if it doesn't! lol but I love the actors and dool has been one of the consistant things in my life since watching it 12 years ago with my mom. but merry christmas to you as well

Wicked Game
I quit watching almost 3 weeks ago. I really don't miss it, especially after I come here and read that I am not really missing all that much. Who is to say if I come back in the future, but as long as HIGLEY is writing schlock it will be this way.

I too have been watching since I was 12. I think that was even before Doug and Addie.

Caged Bird
I've been watching the show for twenty-five years, and I am truly disappointed in the turn it has taken. I don't even know why I continue to watch. The last year has been one of the most boring since I've been watching.

Sorry to hear you are disappointed in the show. I have been a fan of Days for over 25 yrs as well, so I feel your pain. DOOL was so good back in the day. In fact I was just watching old episodes on youtube of Jack and Jennifer *sigh* they were so cute. It seems like the writers don't get it. Where is the romance? Who wants to watch the sleaze we are being subjected to everyday? Not me...I have about twenty shows backed up on Tivo and I have no desire to watch them.

This is an excellent post, and I wish TIIC could see it. I agree with everything you said. However, I've watched since 1965, when I was 9 years old, and it's a part of my life. It's the first thing I do when I get home from work. I watch the Days I recorded that day and chill. It's comfort food...of course I'm getting quite a bit of indigestion from this comfort food lately.

I'll keep watching at least until the last vet and semi-vet (Sami, etc.) are off the show. (And I'll fast-forward through the cr@p.) When it has totally become the serialized afterschool special I suspect they are going toward, then I will no longer watch either. It will be sad to have such a big part of my life gone, but then, it will no longer be the Days I grew up loving.

Wicked Game
Dool crazy
I'm like you and will not give up the show. I have watched from the first day 43 years ago and can not imagine a day without my Days. Your right in calling it comfort food. LOL I will not allow Corday or anyone to drive me off and will continue to support the veteran actors we have with the show. I don't care a whif about this younger bunch except for Max. I find it so sad to see the deplorable state the show is in now. It was so wonderful and the stories were so exciting and wonderful. I could hardly wait for the next days show. Talk about going from the top of the world to the bottom of the tank. I still hope in my heart that things will change. Wouldn't that be grand?

Windy Lindy 48
I've watched Days since 1969 and I agree with you. I'm getting very discouraged with the story line. Maybe they should fire poor writers and keep the good actors. The story lines have become boring, boring, boring.
The youngsters they've hired aren't nearly as interesting as the oldies but goodies.

I'm so sad to hear you're leaving us but I totally understand...the young acting is
definitely subpar and there are no longer s/ls that you can't miss for several days
and still know what's up. As another poster said, I too am appalled at the sleaze
they are purporting as romance. There is no wholesomeness to this show what-
so ever. I have never ff'd through so many "kissing" scenes in my life. It seems
like everything is upsidedown....nothing is the way it should be.....there are no
values, no goodness.....sometimes I think this is more like soft porn for the
teenagers to watch. They definitely need some fresh ideas - enough of all the
copycat s/ls, also, they need to listen to hear what the viewing audience wants to see.

Don't they ever have anyone read this board to find out how disgusting it all is
now? Recently the boards have reached an alltime low as well. It used to be fun
to exchange ideas with everyone, but not anymore. I am so close to giving up but
then the positive side of me says it has to change - it can't stay the way it is....
but then again, I am probably wrong.

No, you're not wrong. I completely agree with everything you've said, and actually, after reading this post I wonder why I'm watching the show myself.

I think that if we tune in again in about six months, we wouldn't have missed very much. I'm thinking of doing that, and maybe ask one of the mods, as I did before, to suspend me from this addictive board for a while to keep me from posting so much.

Smiley Cat
As soon as Marlena leaves, I'll be tuning in another show and starting to forget all about Days, too.

To me it seems like the worse Nicole's storyline is the meaner we all get, we want it to end, the Ej/ Nicole (I'm sorry but Ecole sounds like a germ) people want it to go on and have EJ and Nicole live happily ever after when we all know that the signs are all pointing to a EJ and Sami pairing, so out of our frustrations we all come here and fight with each other about who likes Nicole and Sami and who hates them. It's makin me


I know that you are not the only one to make this comment, but it bothers me that so many people seem to be picking on the new young actors. If the writing stinks, is it the actors fault? It is a little hard to be an interesting actor with boring writing. I think we should give the younger actors the benefit of the doubt until they get some sort of story line. Who knows if Melanie is a good actor or not, all the writers have her doing is whining!

If I remember back, the previous young hipsters were Bo, Hope, Marlena, Roman, Jack, Jen, Kayla & Steve and they shoved Marie, Neil, Don, Liz, Laura and Bill out the door when they arrived.

I don't think we have the writing staff with those same skills that once made soaps great and probably never will again.

Cook fan
I'm glad that someone pointed this out. I don't necessarily agree with everything that is going on with DAYS right now. I've seen lots of my favorites come/go. I can remember how devastated I was when they axed Matt Ashford not once but twice. I didn't think I'd have the heart to keep watching. But, I've been a faithful viewer for 21 years now. You just have to roll with the punches. You have to have vets. But, the door also must be open for new arrivals. That's how the show carries on. Julie/Doug were all the rage back in the 60's. Then, John/Marlena/Bo/Hope/Steve/Kayla/etc. all rolled in and Julie/Doug/Maggie/Mickey all took a backseat to the trials/relationships of these newbies. Unfortunately, the day has arrived where new generations/characters have to come on board. We wouldn't have ever had Carly/Lawrence/Vivian/Billie/EJ/Sami/Nicole/Phillip/Brady if we had just tried to hang onto the past. You must have the new as well as the old.

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