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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stephan Nichols and Mary Beth Evans Fired From Days of Our Lives

According to Soap Opera Digest, Stephan Nichols and Mary Beth Evans have joined the list of vets fired by Ken Corday from Days of Our Lives. SOD quoted an inside source as saying, "It's like they're getting rid of everyone over 40." Every actor who has been fired had an established and loyal fan base that should have made their jobs secure. Yet this growing list of firings proves that Corday is doing his best insure Days is cancelled.

His last group of firing along the Leann also opens the door to not only the charge of ageism but a class action sued by the actors. With the exception of Blake, all the actors have been over 40, thereby opening the door for Corday Productions, Sony Picture and NBC to a class action law suit based on age discrimination. If the actors are smart it will end up with a big old fat class action law suit based on age discrimination. The minium number to for a class action to be initiated is 6. Not only could they sue Corday and Sony, but running it all the way up to NBC's parent company GE. The six of them could not only end up owning the show, but gaining enough money in the process to produce it properly. Is the there a smart shark-type lawyer out there looking for a quick easy buck?

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