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Friday, February 13, 2009

Days of Our Lives: Alice Horton and Francis Reid

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I have been writing characters studies about the Days of Our Live cast. Alice Horton is more than the matriarch of the Horton clan; she is someone who knew what was right and had the courage to do what was necessary to help and protect other. She was all about friends, family and community as was Days of our Lives. She knew that loving others through the laughter and tears is what truly makes life worth while. However, it is impossible to summarize Alice in a few paragraphs; instead I found one of her best examples of her work and produced a video.

Francis Reid has portrayed Alice Horton since Days went on the air. Her unique humor and since of drama has made her special to many of her fans who see her as the sister, mother, aunt or grandmother we wished we had. For the long time fans of Day, it is hard to remember the time when Francis and Alice didn't grace our screens, making us laugh and cry, but most of all teaching us the true definition of family. When the character was prematurely killed off 2003-2004, the outcry from the fans force the show to rewrite the story, proving that some characters and the actors who portray them are irreplaceable-unlike head writers executives producers.

Alice and Tom Horton, played by Macdonald Carey, were the original faces of Days. They represented the best soaps had to offer. After Carey's death of lung cancer in 1994, the show tweaked it's opening theme to remove his name. However, until this day the show opens with Carey speaking "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives."

It is the continuity along with the strong writing, production values and excellent cast that created a fan base that best could be called die-hard at worse a little rabid. It has taken a lot to drive them away, but it seems Corday, Higley and Tomlin are about to reach their goal of letting the sands of time run out as the show rapid runs down the path to cancellation. Hopefully, Ms Reid has better things to do with her time and people loving enough around her to distract her from watching the travesty the three-some has turned her life's work into. It would make my heart weep, if she was to see how they have turned the show she loved into nothing more than soft porn for teens and tweens.

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