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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Days of Our Lives

Here is the deal. On January 23, I participated in the protect fax campaign; only instead of just contacting Corday Productions, I faxed NBC Corporate and Sony Picture. I couldn't find the phone number for GE so I called Jeffrey Immelt. His assistant was very nice and took a message. Later that day, I Katie from NBC Corporate called and left a message, including her unlisted office phone number. She didn't give me any details but asked that I call her back. I thought finally, I have the ear of someone who get me in the door for a job interview.

Monday, I called back and left a message. Tenacious isn't my issue, patience is. When she hadn't called back by Tuesday afternoon, I again left a message. Even though I'm very persistent, I'm also a realist. I waited and focused on other projects. Yesterday, I again called, only this time Katie answered the phone. I explained I was returning her phone call; she didn't know what I was talking about. She just started a new job and she didn't do that any more, but she would refer me to the person who did. After which, she hung up on me. Me being me, I called back and this time she forwarded the call. Once again I left a message. Not very professional by any stretch of the imagination.

Although, I would dearly love the head writer gig and would be very good at it, the realist part of me has kicked in. With the firing of Thaao Penghlis, proves that NBC, Sony and Ken Corday want Days of Our Lives cancelled. Their actions prove that they would rather force a cheap programming down the viewers throat and hope they swallow, than actually bring the fans back with quality shows. So be it.

There are other networks, who aren't afraid to give the viewers what they want and are still able to make a profit. They know that quality cost, but in the long run the profits are so much greater. Those networks will make it through these financially challenging times; however, the small-minded, short-term thinking of NBC, Sony and Corday Productions will only lead them to be left behind. With hundreds of channels and even more entertainment options, why would anyone stick with a company who produces crap?

It's too bad. I think Days and I could have been a good match. I love the show and know it well. But that show doesn't exist any more; it's been hacked up and replaced by teen porn. So forward to better hunting grounds, cause the world has a multitude of possibilities for a person who is creative enough to think outside the box and has the courage to go for it.

This blog will still be updated. I have promised to finish the ghost story. I am a person of my word. Plus, I will be jumping ahead to scenes that would have happened if I had continued writing for a couple of months. Fans of Thaao Penghlis, Deidre and Drake will especially be interested. In addition I will start writing about other soaps--cause you ain't seen nothing yet.

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