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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What the Fans on the NBC Boards Think of Day of Our Lives

Although there are many fan message boards for Days of our Lives. The most active one is on the NBC home site. It has one of the most diverse viewer demographics. However, one theme has been increasingly prevailant--the fans are not happy with the direction the executive producers and writers are taking Days. There have been more than one thread asking for the firing of both.

On more than one occasion, ideas that were presented on the board appeared a few weeks later on the screen; credit was never given to the posters, but it has happened consistently enough to prove that either the executive producers or the writing staff had been checking in. It is too bad that while they are swiping plot points and ideas from the fans, they don't take the time to listen to what the fans want and need. If they did, the fans would be staying instead changing the channel and ratings would be increasing instead of falling.

The viewers want:
Deidre and Drake to stay; many viewer have already stated that the actors last air date will be the last time they will watch Days.

The vets to be actively involved with storylines, not just show up occasionally to prop up the newbies.

An end to endless and continuing triangles. Enough already. Triangles are a good short term plot point, but nothing more.

New writers. The replacement need to not only know the show's history, but be able to write for vets without gutting and recreating them, created interesting new characters, and write storylines that are based on romance, suspense, drama and humor.

They were disappointed that Thanksgiving was ignored and afraid the same will happen with Christmas. Both holidays were always very special for the fans.

The following are quotes taken from the different threads.

With the show only having an eighteen month contract, I'm wondering if the scribes have any real intention of "wowing" the viewers. So far, they have failed miserably. I seriously hope that they check out these message boards to see how disheartened DAYS fans truly are. Unfortunately, the show has landed itself in the same position that PASSIONS was in not too long ago. PASSIONS received a couple of one year extensions for their contracts. But, sadly, that show has bit the dust. I shudder to think what these short contract deals mean for DAYS. It's not too promising. So, my BIG question for the scribes is what will you do to truly turn the show around? I don't know about anyone else, but I'm pretty much fed up with triangles, dead babies, lifeless characters, and the departures of vets such as Dee/Drake. For the past couple of years or so, I've done more groaning/complaining than anything else when posting about the show. I can remember when Salem was a happy place filled with love and adventure galore. It's now a shadow of its former self. The scribes are going to have to come up with something super tremendous to keep me coming back for more. I don't have any faith, however, that they will be able to deliver.


Okay, if DOOL continue to replace popular actors with other unknown actors. They might as well cancel the show. Enough already!!!

Oh, Marlena is probable gone too, the way things look we will have the stupid young group and that is it.

Why am I not surprised? Ken Corday has no desire to preserve his parents legacy! Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable! I do feel the end is near for our beloved show. Yes I know that we're thinking 18 months... but at this rate it's going to be a pathetic 18 months.

I'm sending you a big hug, Hartleyfan. My six year old says that hugs always make you feel better. I think in this case, though, it's going to take more than a hug to make any of us feel better.

So Corday gets rid of John Black yet we are still stuck with Melanie, Max, Nicole and Daniel? Why don't they just cancel the show right now! Higley and Corday obviously don't care about the show or the fans who have remained loyal. Screw them!! Just cancel the show already! Obviously, TIIC don't care about the actors or the fans. If they did, they wouldn't be firing beloved vets and bringing on more pointless newbies.

I am really hoping that this is a rumor. I don't want to see John go.

Max could go back into racing, and be on the circuit... Melonie could go anywhere but Salem... Nick is going to jail so he is already out, Chelsea and Stephanie could go back to college and do it abroad... not in Salem.

Dr. Dan could just go... Roman hardly is on and has no storyline, as much as I love Roman, send him off to some training class or something. What on earth are they doing with Victor and Stefano? If they aren't going to use them for their evilness then why have them at all.

Lexie and Theo could go some where to get theo help... they have nothing to add to the show.

There are so many little characters that don't really need to be there that you could explain away that they could keep the majors.

Why are we spending so much time on Trent's murder? No offense, but some college professor should take a back seat to the Mayor's murder and they haven't done anything on finding the killer of the Mayor... We have had to deal with Trent for what 3 months after his murder... just get this over with... and lets just get rid of Melonie.

I guess Ken doesn't remember last time he decided to fire Drake? The fans went berserk. If the actors and actresses who have been on the show the longest continue to leave, they won't get to finish out their new extension. Half of the viewers will be gone. They say that they want to make room for other stories, what the heck does that mean? That they think whoever is leftover when they finish their massacre will be more important? The vets are important and they aren't on enough, and that's the reason they are in the spot they are in now. The fans would have been loving this John storyline and viewing in drones had they handled it right. They let Drake tell us about all of the stuff coming up for him in this story and they let him go!?

And not just that. Had they given the rest of the vets stories or at least given us some real stories and not this dribble we have now of slow and boring storylines, they wouldn't have to let anyone go. New people are nice, but don't sacrifice the proven formula for a new one!

I'm furious that they are just letting their talent out the door. They are really proving that they don't know what they Hell they are doing. We might as well accept cancellation and let it go.

And you know, I said before that I wouldn't stop watching. But if none of the characters I know are on the show, what's the point in watching? So im starting to rethink that. Good job Ken!

If this is indeed a fact, I can definitely guarantee to NBC that me and many of the loyal viewers who have remained, will be gone forever. I have already talked to some of these people and we are in total agreement......NO JOHN means NO VIEWERS. The show has been totally horrible but we have hung on for the last year for a glimpse of the old John returning to reunite with Marlena. Enough is enough!!

I loved that S/L! It was creative and innovative. I would be open to bringing her back....oh if only it were up to me. I also like Sheri Anderson as HW. I don't like the direction "Hackley" is taking the's lame, predictable and what she thinks is interesting... which is not what the fans find interesting.
Twisted fate

Are you happy with Days and the storylines
Definitely yes. [ 2 ] [4.08%]
yes [ 5 ] [10.20%]
Sometimes [ 10 ] [20.41%]
I'm hanging in there hoping it will get better [ 14 ] [28.57%]
not really [ 0 ] [0.00%]
Definitely no [ 9 ] [18.37%]
I fast forward through most the show. [ 4 ] [8.16%]
If I miss it, it doesn't matter. [ 2 ] [4.08%]
I have given up and am moving on to another soap. [ 1 ] [2.04%]
The best years are over all that's left is to turn off the stage lights. [ 2 ] [4.08%]

If you could have five minutes with the Executive Producers, What would you say to them?
Good job [ 1 ] [2.04%]
What are you doing? [ 15 ] [30.61%]
I have a few ideas to make things better. [ 17 ] [34.69%]
Why do you work on Days if you hate your job [ 4 ] [8.16%]
Your fired [ 12 ] [24.49%]

Honestly, I think I could have voted ALL of these:

I'm hanging in there hoping it will get better
not really
Definitely no
I fast forward through most the show.
If I miss it, it doesn't matter.
I have given up and am moving on to another soap.
The best years are over all that's left is to turn off the stage lights.

And I would tell them to get back to using their "main" characters in storylines where everyone is involved, like they did in the 80s. It's time to get back to basics and stop pandering to the younger demographic already.

There is so much more than I could possible list here. However, what the fans want is very clear to anyone who is open enough to see it. Most fans believe that Days will be cancelled before the contract ends and at this point they don't care. The show they have loved and have been loyal too for decades doesn't exist any more. But it doesn't have to be. Change can be wonderful, but so can keeping to tradition. Two generations have grown up with Days; many of the vets feel like family. It doesn't have to end. There are still many viewers and fan who desperately want to be loyal, including me; we just want our show back--the one that was based on romance, suspense, drama and humor--not just shallow soft porn. We are a demographic that can be very profitable to any network that choices to give us back Our Days.

So Mr Fairfield, Connecticut are you willing to step up to the plate and make your voice heard. You can make the necessary changes. The power is within you to save Days. It's a good business, good karma and just a plain out and out good deed--And if you decided to take up this challenge, remember, me for the head writer gig. I would very much like the opportunity to brink back the good old Days.

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Michelle Curry said...

I agree with you all the way, and I really do think that you would make a great wrighter for the show.

It seems to me that a lot of the fans feel beaten down. I know I do. They do hear what we want or they just don't care.

What the show needs is some one who really cares about the show say someone like you. It has become clear to me that Ken Corday sure doesn't give a damn.

Thank for the little bet of joy that you have given me in your writeing with your days story, and your blog post.

Take care,
Michelle aka(Justconfused1234 On NBC boards)