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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jeffrey Immelt: Imagination at Work

Mr. Immelt, if you truly believed in thinking outside the box and that creativity is the best asset a company can have, please step in and use your power to give me the Days of Our Lives head writing gig. Not only am I technically qualified, but I am capable of writing the storylines that will bring back the fans; I also know and love the show, the characters and its amazing history.

The incompetent the writing staff and bad business decisions by management has caused the viewer decline. The fans are just as loyal, but they have been driven off. In business, if you don't give the customers what they want, they will go elsewhere. On the other hand, the reverse is also true--if you provide a quality product that consumer wants, the company will succeed.

Days was a quality product and could be again but not if the correct changes aren't made quickly. Changing the cast or staff will not fix a problem when the sources is elsewhere. Ken Corday for whatever reason is seeking to end Days without putting the knife in himself. He has hired Dena Higley to do the dirty deed. Her bad writing has tanked every show she has worked on which is why she is continually fired. Just how financially responsible to fire those who are getting the job and keep the ones who are not only failing to get the job done, but who are actively working against the company?

Riddle me this? What would you do to an employee who was actively sabotaging company profits? Would you reward her or him? Or find a replacement who could and would do the job? Days could be an incredible asset again, if it had the proper staff and support.

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