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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Call to Days of Our Lives Fans to Save the Show

Days of Our Lives is on the bubble due to Ken Corday's bad management and Dena Higley's even worse writing. The firing of two of their most popular stars and the back burning of the vets only proves that Corday wants to destroy the show.

The fans are calling, writing, emailing and faxing letters of protest to no avail. Neither Sony Pictures nor NBC seem to want get involved in saving the icon. I know I'm not the only one who wishes to win a lottery big enough to buy enough stock to kick Corday out of the corner office. Where are the White Knights of the Shield when you need them? Are they suppose to come to the Sisters of Avalon aid? As I was whining to myself, it occurred to me. One person would need millions, but the millions of Days fans wouldn't need to invest as much. With the market down, people are willing to sell. If the fans who were able bought stock in Corday Productions, Sony Pictures, and NBC (NBC is more of a long shot), then as stock holders they would have a say in the decision making process. I have no idea how much stock is available, but it is a corporation, which means are shares available.

Anyone for a revolution?

1 comment:

Michelle Curry said...

I am up for one. I do have to ask though how many other people are up for this? I guess I have many other questions though. I just don't know where to begin. Maybe you could Email me that is if, you have the time.