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Friday, November 7, 2008

Gary Tomlin Happy with Days of Our Lives Being 4th

Okay, I'm believer in elves, dragons, and miracle. So I made one final phone call to Gary Tomlin to make my case to join the writing staff. Gary, you guard dog did her job. I was told to please not to call the number again because it is very private.

I pointed out that with Days being in last place more often than not and with their fan bases crumbling that it was time to start thinking outside the box, she told me that they were in fourth and the rest didn't matter. She was more concern about my calling than what I had to say.

So being fourth is good enough and what the fans want....well, you can see that on the screen. Can you just imagine what Betty Corday or Irna Philips would say? Betty loved Days; It was her pride and joy. It's too bad Ken or Gary can't say the same.

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