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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Days of Our Lives

Today, I once again called Gary Tomlin to ask for a job. According to his assistant, he was in a meeting. When I explained why I wanted to talk to him, she gave me very little hope that he would call me back. The show needs a head writer who cannot only do her own work, but who knows the characters and the show's history enough to be able to write storylines that will honor both. Day's used to be able suspense, drama, romance and humor; it hasn't been that way in a long time. I have already proven that I do that. Your kind words and support have proven that you enjoy my work. Unfortunately, I need a job and I need it now. I've done my best to storm the gates both directly and indirectly. I have used time and energy that I could have used to provide for my family to work towards getting the gig. It's not that I'm giving up, I still want the gig; it's just that I'm running out of road. If I wanted to be bitch about it, I would post the phone number of his direct line that I found; however, ethically I can't go there.

I will post more story when time and energy allow me too. But I'm leaving it up to those who love my work and want to see it on the screen to make it happen. Corday's Production line is public knowledge; it is 818-295-2821. The publicity line is 818-840-2810. Sony Pictures number is 310-244-5722.

I'm leaving my destiny up to the Fates and those who loved my work enough to make a difference. Whatever happens, I am very grateful to everyone who have supported me; it has meant the world to me.

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