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Monday, November 17, 2008

Dedrie Hall and Drake Hogestyn Fired: Stand Up and Speak Out

One thing I've been always good as is finding things. You give me a little time and access to a phone or a computer--and there isn't anything that exists that I can't eventually find.

This is the way it lays out.

Jeffrey Zucker is head of NBC
the corporate phone number is 212-669-4444. They won't put you through, but if enough people call eventually they will take notice.

There are two fax numbers: 212-669-4426 and 212-669-5705

NBC is owned by GE who is run by Jeffrey Immelt
I haven't been able to find yet the corporate phone numbers but his house address is 705 W. Rd New Canaan Ct 06840

Sony Pictures owns part of Days
Michael Lynton is had of Sony Pictures

Corday Productions
Production phone number 818-295-2820
Calling your local station will also do a little good. They do have connects at corporate.

I found three addresses for Ken Corday

1035 Santa Monica Blvd
130 LA CA 90025

10343 Valley Springs
Toluca Lake, CA 91602-2933

285 Ocean Park Blvd 300
Santa Monica CA 90405

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