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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Never Can Say Good-bye: A Paranormal Romance

Never Can Say Good-bye
Theresa Chaze

Never Can Say Good-bye can be best described as a combination of What Dreams May Come and the Reincarnation of Peter Proud. It is a paranormal romance, which is set in northern Michigan.

At the turn of the century, the logging industry created millionaires and boomtowns; it also created intense rivalries and feuds. When Randolph Bellows scouts and claims a large track of land and the lumber on it for himself instead of his employer, James Ramsdell, he becomes an outcast in the community. Ignoring his status and her father’s disapproval, Sara James Ramsdell marries him; however, their happiness is short lived. Sara Jane dies during childbirth, yet her spirit remains trapped by the love bond she has with Randolph. Distraught, Randolph marries Audrey not out of love, but to have someone to care for his new born son, Randy. Even though he is very honest with her, Audrey falls in love with him and manipulates him into consummating their marriage. After Audrey becomes pregnant, Randolph feels honor bound to try to make the marriage work. They live as man and wife, yet he longs to join his soul mate. When Audrey’s jealous rages boil over onto Randy, he agrees to board up the bedroom, trapping Sara Jane‘s spirit inside. Soon after his Randy mysteriously dies.

Historian and author, Michael Scott follows his friend, Lynne Mason to Coyote Springs. His plan was to teach a term or two while doing research on the logging industry. Yet when he finds the old Bellow’s Mansion, his plans change. There is something about the house that calls to him. When he meets Randolph Bellow’s grand-daughter, he falls in love with her. In spite of her history of jealousy and instability, he marries her and. convinces the current owner of the mansion to allow them to move in. After researching the home, he finds the hidden bedroom. When he unseals it, he releases past that had been trapped for decades.

To help a friend, Elizabeth reluctantly agrees to teach a writing course at the Bellow‘s University. Although she finds Coyote Springs quaint, she immediately regrets her decision. She finds the town both haunting and alluring at the same time. However, it isn’t until after that she meets Michael that she becomes more determined than ever to find a reason to leave. Before she can find an excuse, she finds herself caught up in a lovers’ triangle that could very well mean her death.

Never Can Say Good-bye proves that when love turns to hate, it is best to say good-bye.

To read an excerpt of the script go to The full script available by request

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