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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Crowd Funding for Paranormal Thriller Feature

Never Can Say Good-bye is now listed on the IMDB.

We are also looking for investors, who believe that quality films are more than big budgets or following the current trends. We are looking for those who  miss the films that were based on well developed characters and plots, instead of just sex, violence, and special effects. If you don't have characters the audience can care about, it doesn't matter how much money you invest it or what kind of bells and whistles you use, people won't watch.

We will be seeing the investment more as a loan to be paid back first with 30% interest. After which, the investor(s) 41% ownership In Never Can Say Good-bye LLC will give them profits for as long as there are profits from the film.

But even if you can't invest, there is a way to help.  We have an  Indiegogo campaign that has some great incentives.  Even if you can't contribute, please share our message, the six degrees of separation is a wonderful thing.

  " Instant Karma is going to get you."
                                       John Lennon
Have you ever met someone and suddenly  felt love or hate? Yet for the life of you couldn't remember  them.  Would you want to  remember? Would you want to know if it could save  your life?

Never Can Say Good-bye is a paranormal thriller  feature film with the  logline love and hate survives death

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