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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Operation Home Base: A New Military TV Series

Operation Home Base
Theresa Chaze
One of The Red Cross’s functions is passing messages to and from military personnel. However, they are limited to the passive role of sharing information. What if there was an organization that could do more? What if it could actively make a difference with legal, medical and logistics help? What if it was staffed with people, who understand the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges because they had been there? They know why some veterans are no longer able to sleep indoors much less return to their civilian lives. They understand because the same ghosts haunt them. What if in their dedication to help, the founders stumbled upon an international cover up, which put a target on their own backs?

A medic in Nam, Martin Flying Crow returned home only to find the war followed him. By helping others, he was able to quiet the ghosts in his head. He gained national attention and the friendship of Lieutenant Colonel Elaine Reynolds (Ret.) after he talked a Marine out of committing suicide. Together they pulled enough resources together to achieve non-profit status and were able to move Operation Home Base from Martin's garage into a small office building.

The organization once again gained national attention when they used their connections both in and out of the military to investigate the disappearance of PFC Hank Bogley and his squad. When they start to unravel the lies and misinformation, they suddenly become the targets of a national smear campaign. Although their personal and professional motives are brought into questioned, the board refuses to back down.

Unable to deter them, their lead detractor, Valhalla does an about face and offers to support them with endless financial, political, and logistic support. There is one catch. Operation Home Base must accept their representative as the new head of their organization. Valhalla chooses a man who knows Martin's secrets. He knows because the same ghosts haunt him. Is he the distraction to keep Martin busy, while they use the money, influence and access to classified information to destroy Operation Home Base from the inside out?

Operation Home Base combines MASH and The Waltons with NCIS to create a family of man drama about forgiveness and second chances. From the senseless murder of a therapy dog to two teens stealing a tank to joy ride down main street to the Native American's family having to fight for their loved one's last wishes honored and non-coms dealing with PTSD, Operation Home Base intertwines real life situations with a fictional international conspiracy. From World War II to the current conflict, the stories will show military personnel and veterans as real people, not just disposable parts of the war machine. Its tagline is helping others heals our own wounds.

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