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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Repost: Wedding

I promised the fans on the NBC boards that I would do a special storyline. Here it is. It's called The Wedding. Fans of Tony and Anna will particularly enjoy it. It was going to be in two parts; however that has changed. The storyline is taking longer than expected because I'm putting more detail into it and frankly I've been working on other projects.

I've really enjoyed writing the script and bringing back the good, old Days. It is just very sad that the current writers can't do the same. Sex is not romance. Just because a man beds her, it doesn't mean he loves her, which is what Days has become. If I had been given the opportunity, I would have taken Days back to the basics. There wouldn't be the big debate over which man Sami would chose. Eventually I would bring her and Lucas back together, but not until after they had work through their own issues. They both would have been given plots of their own. Sami would have gone back to school to get her high school diploma and on to college. She would have proven that just because you drop out of school to have a child, it doesn't mean that you can't go back. Lucas would have become involved first with helping the Wounded Warriors, before taking over the Horton Foundation. Moving in with Alice would have set them on the path to becoming the new Alice and Tom. A woman from Stefano's past would have not only given him a new love interest, but she would have been an equal partner in crime. EJ and Ava would have become involved with the corruption in the horse industry; they never would be truly good guys, but they also wouldn't be the evil couple in town. Steve and Max would continue to help find missing children, including the granddaughter when her abusive father kidnaps her. Roman and Alyssa would slowly fall in love. There would be the murders that happened John and Marlena's house would be investigated and solved. I would have brought back old friends and new characters who would have been slowly developed. Since there was no Trent in my universe, there would be no Melanie. Without either, Nick would still be on the show. I would have paired him with Eugene to work on the new energy source.

You don't have to break couples up to keep them interesting. In writing 101, you learn that there four traditional conflict themes to both short stories and novels, however I have added a fifth.

Man against himself
Man against man
Man against nature
Man against God or spirituality
Man against Fate or Karma

If a writer is creative, it is easy to ways to keep couples together and interesting at the same time.

Days could have and should have so much more to offer. It's too bad that it won't be given the opportunity that Betty and Ken Corday gave it. Soaps aren't loosing fan; they are suffering from stagnation and network executives' greed.

There has to be a soap or drama out there who is looking for a creative writer. Thank you for your support and the courage to keep trying to achieve my dream.

A special posting for those who love the vets. It would have eventually turned into a murder mystery involving all six characters.

This is what I previously posted on the NBC Days boards not all of the posting are in the current proper format. However the posts at the bottom are in the format that I will be submitting to other soaps in hope of getting a writing gig.

Here's the deal. I am cleaning up and formatting the script that I have already posted into the correct format. I will be using it as resume material to get a writing gig on one of the other soaps. Although much of it will be familiar who have been keeping up, there have been a reshuffling of the scenes as well as some tweaking. Originally, I put little effort into the scrip, especially in the beginning. This better reflects me as a professional writer. However, since the program I am using doesn't have a spell check, there may still be some typos. If you see any, please let me know in the comments section. Thanks.

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