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Friday, October 10, 2008

Saving Days of Our Lives from Cancelation

For generations Days of Our Lives has been not only much loved but the top rated Daytime soap, being the leader in suspense, drama, romance, and comedy, as well as social issues. As the sand fell through the hour glass, we laughed, cried and waited with baited breath for Monday as the cliffhanger left us dangling on Friday. We had a our favorite heroes and villains--couples we cheered for and those we knew who were doomed for failure.

From the Horton and the Bradys to villainous DiMeras, the writers and actors helped us suspend our disbelief through obsessions and possessions. The brain child of Ted Corday, Betty Corday and Irna Phillips, it premiered in 1965. In the decades, since it has become a TV icon that has been satirized and vilified by those who don’t understand the gothic romance nature of the soap. The Cordays never intended for Days to just meet the industry or viewer expectations but to always exceed them by taking their storylines past the limits and breaking the old taboos. Although it was always cutting edge, it was based on the love of family and friends.

However, in the last couple of years, the decline in the writing has been followed by a decline in the rating, bringing the long soap to the brink of cancellation. Even long time fans, who inherited the love of the show from their mothers and grandmother, were turned off by the lack of suspense, drama, and romance. They missed the humor and the weekly cliffhangers, which had been replaced by the never ending triangles and the destruction of beloved couples.

The random murder of beloved characters brought the wrath of viewers down on the executive producers forcing them to rewrite the storyline in such a ways as to say--just kidding folks. It was the beginning of a long line of poorly thought out and badly written storylines that have made it tied for last place in the ratings. Day’s fans can be rabid and obsessive, but they remain loyal until given good reasons not to be.

My mother got my hooked on Dark Shadows back in the late 1960’s. When it was canceled she moved on to Days of Our Lives and I followed. I have been a fan since Doug and Julie were the super-couple. I grew up with Hope and Bo, cried when Tom Horton died, laughed with Eugene--was severely annoyed to see my favorite character Renee DiMera being carried out feet first. I missed two days and it took me decades to actually learned how she died. Back then the stories were forward moving; they didn’t try to exist on flashbacks.

I know the characters and the history, which is why when the current writers proved they didn’t have a clue into either I started writing an alternative universe Salem and posting it on the NBC message boards. It was out of frustration and anger at being treated like an idiot that made me take the time to create my own storylines. Originally, I wasn’t taking it seriously. I had my novels to write and I had just started my own publishing house. Time was a premium, but I just wasn’t willing to let go of one of the constants in my life.

The postings have a great many typos; plus, the formatting didn’t properly transfer. But it was fun and it didn’t matter. However, the other posters really liked my work. Not only did they ask me to continue, but also suggested that I contact Ken Corday for the head writer gig.

Wow!!! That was excellent! And you soooooo got NuJohn's speech down pat! In the past I would have said there was no way we'd get something like this...but, Days has been getting better, so who knows?

I'm not a Celeste fan but you have me intrigued. LOL I want to hear more about what is going on at the mansion. lol

Oh and once it's all finished, save it, print it out & send it to Burbank. I bet once you finish it that it's better than anything the head writer now can come up with.

This story line is way better than the crappy ones that are on the show at this moment. I'm sick of Dool these days I would much rather watch this than what's on right now.

I've been outta town all weekend, so I just got a chance to read...great job!! All the characters are right on point! I'm guessing the lady is Kristen? Not sure, but my only guess right now. Thanks for the great entertainment!!

I love it you are an amazing writer, it is so suspenseful and i really wish days would do something like this, please finish it oh and your John humor is right on

that story line is GREAT!!! i need for Days to hire you for a writer. Is it Daphne??? Wow very good. Someone call DH and tell her, we have someone for some additional ideas for writing, that won't jack it up like Sheff!

I am sooooo intrigued!!!! You have GOT to continue this story!!!! I would LOVE to see this play out on screen - too bad TPTB couldn't come up w/ something this great.. You are a brilliant writer ~ I can't wait to see what happens next!

Girl, I think you DO have a chance in hell! I have watched Days for 25 years or so, and this is some of the best s/l's & dialect I have seen in a looooong time! You really capture the "feel" of the show and the characters personalities! I LOVE that you are involving all the characters! I LOVE that you have wonder and suspense - with this mystery woman and the "haunted" part of the house. I LOVE that Doug will be singing again! And I am happy to see Lucas back - yay!

SERIOUSLY - if I were you I would submit this ASAP! LOVE IT!!!! BRAVO!

It’s like a Klingon and a tribble.

You can remember an episode of Star Trek, but you can’t remember your family.

the best lines.. love what you have NuJohn say

Bo & Roman talking about trophy funny too.

Elvis, I see you spared no expense when it came to the ring. How long were you at the gumball machine?

Not the Scotch!

I loved reading this story. You had all of the characters down so well. Nice job. I can't wait to read the rest.

Renee alive.. what will Tony do

I choose to believe she's not alive, lol. And if she is he'd stay with Anna. EJ's already been married off to Ava and lost Little Johnny, I'd hate to see my other couple get broken up too, lol.

I really like your writing. You have a lot of great ideas that I would love to see on the show.

I really think they should hire you for the show as the head writer. Since I see a lot of your stuff any way on the show it really is to bad that you aren't getting paid for it.

One of the main things that I like is that with your writing I have been able to read the whole thing with all the characters that you have involved with your story. Were as with the show I fast forward a lot through it.

I wish you good luck, and hope that you get the job!!

Oh, I am so disappointed that you won't go on writing. But, I do understand why and I agree !! No sense in any one getting the credit when it is yours.

I have enjoyed this so much, I have told my sister all about this story line and she keeps asking me more and wanting more!
Thank you so much for what you have wrote.

I have cleaned up and reformatted the script, converting it into a PDF file. What was posted already on the NBC boards can be found at

I will be adding to it in the near future but only on this blog--unless Ken Corday can be persuaded to hire me then you will see it on the screen.

I would very much like comments and feedback.

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