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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Calling all military personnel, veterans, their families and those who support them

Would you please like and share our Facebook page.  It is our goal to go into production for the pilot in early Fall.  I would like to be able to take the numbers to the networks and prove that there is not only a need, but also an interest in a series that shows military personnel, veterans, and their families as people not just disposable parts of the war machine.

This is NOT a reality show.  It is a scripted series that intertwines real life stories with a fictional international conspiracy.

Logline: Helping others heals our own wounds.

Not all scars show.  Not all wounds heal.
        Author unknown,

Missing limbs can be replaced by the miracle of modern medicine and technology. They are functional, but not the same. But what of the pain that is unseen yet goes soul deep? These are the wounds that bind us to the past. Some use it as an excuse to hurt others. Some hurt themselves. Yet there are the few who channel their pain into helping others as a way of healing themselves or to pay penance for the harm they caused.

Facing their own demons, veterans and civilians come together to actively make a difference through legal, medical and logistics systems, to help active duty, reserves, and retired military personnel, veterans and their dependents. Their motto is:  “We've got your back”

What if, in their dedication to help, the founders of Operation Home Base stumble upon an international cover up; putting a target on their backs? Do they shrink in fear or do they “damn the torpedoes” to face the challenge with a “gung-ho” mentality?

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