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Monday, August 3, 2009

Days of Our Lives

Days should be number one; it used to have the best cast and crew on TV. It's too bad that it won't be given the opportunity that Betty and Ken Corday gave it. Soaps aren't loosing fans; they are suffering from stagnation and network executives' greed.

There has to be a soap or drama out there who is looking for a creative writer. If you like a good suspense, drama, and romance with a liberal amount of comedy mixed in, you will enjoy reading the following.

A special posting for those who love the vets. It would have eventually turned into a murder mystery involving all six characters.

This is what I previously posted on the NBC Days boards not all of the posting are in the current proper format. However the posts at the bottom are in the format that I will be submitting to other soaps in hope of getting a writing gig.

I started writing The Ghost as a protest to the bad writing. It became so popular that I not only kept it going but expanded it to fit the multi-plot format of soap operas. In the beginning, the format is an old film format. However, later in the story that is corrected.

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